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Do you know this song & dance “MARUMARU MORIMORI”??

This is the ending song of the Japanese TV drama, called “Marumo no Okite”. The song itself became very popular this year.

Today, I’m not going to talk about this drama…
But about the sports meet, called undokai, which my elder son’s kindergarten held this October.

October is mostly sunny and comfortable, so many school, kindergartens, and organizations choose October for a sports meet (undokai). Usually some Saturday or Sunday is chosen, when kids’ parents and grandparents can attend as well. Kids and teachers go through intensive preparation, and undokai is one of the biggest annual events throughout our school life.

Kids are split into red and white (often into more colors) teams to compete in various races and games. Undokai also includes other programs, such as group dances and performances.
A kinderarten version of group dance is called oyugi, which is another highlight of the undokai.

Look at the picture below;
marumaru morimori dance by the kids

This was the oyugi, which my son and other kids did together at the undokai. All the kids were dancing to “Marumaru Morimori”.

I heard that many other kindergartens chose  the same song for their undokai this year.

I think that Japanese undokai is a good occasion for kids to learn to work together as a team and support each other.

The undokai was tiring, but so much fun!

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