A Boston bag containing 11 million yen was caught in the fishing net off Ohfunato port

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

A Boston bag containing a large sum of money and others was found on October 8 in the sea off the coast of Sanriku town, Ohfunato city. Cash in the bag was 11 million yen which supposed to be carried away by the Tsunami on March 11.

According to the city officials, No. 2 Inarimaru, a fishing boat belonged to the marine products company in Kamaishi city, pulled up the bag from the sea in the fishing net while operating fishing in 23 km off Ryorizaki Promontory.

There were 1,100 pieces of 10,000 bills and others in the bag, but nothing was found in the bag, which indicates the proprietor.

The chief fisherman (59) delivered the bag to Ohfunato city on Octoboer 11 when the boat came back to Ohfunato port. The bag has been kept as a drifting object under Sea Casualties Rescue Act in the city. The object shall be kept until April 27, 2012. If nobody present until the date, the ownership of the object shall be transferred to the chief fisherman. Now the Fisheries Department of the city wishes to find real owner and return the bag to him or her.




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