Funny mascot characters in Japanese professional baseball teams

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Recently, I pay attention to Japanese professional baseball game.
Because the team which I support play the games in Climax Series now\^O^/

I like to watch baseball game!(`・ω・´)♪
And I like to watch mascot characters of baseball teams too!
There are many KAWAII mascot characters in Japanese professional baseball teams.
Today I introduce two of them.

The most famous mascot character is Doala.
He is a koala who works at Chunichi Dragons.
He is not cute but very charming.

He is not good at the back flips. (>_<)

So he was removed from the first team in July once.

His dance is always very strange.(・_・;)

My most favorite mascot character is Tsubakurou.
He is a swallow (looks like a penguin) who works at Yakult Swallows.

(He looks like a penguin…)

He is cute and mischievous.
Sometimes he play a prank on baseball players. (☆o☆)
His blog is very funny!⇒《つば九郎ひとこと日記》

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