“The prince of tennis”‘s cartoonist appear on TV program.

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Do you know “The prince of tennis”? That is commonly known as “Tenipuri”.
On November 15th, the cartoonist Takeshi Konomi,who writes Tenipuri will appear on NHK WORLD TV program“imagine-nation”.

Tenipuri has started in 1999. It has been popular over 10 years.Wonderful!\^O^/
There are a lot of tenipuri’s fans around me!
It is loved by every generation.

My sister fad is this comic.
She reads comics, watches anime, listens characters’ songs and radio programs, and plays the games, watch movies and musicals.
There are many characters goods.

Tenipuri has many charming characters.
There are so many characters so you can find your favorite character.
By the way, my sister’s favorite character is Shusuke Fuji.

Next year, the new TV anime “New prince of the tennis” will start. check it out(^3^)!

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