Almost decayed old inn was reborn as a new style Japanese resort Inn

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An almost decayed old Japanese inn in Fukue Town was reborn as ‘Roman-no-yado Itsutsuro’ on August 6, 2010. Its original structure was a long established Japanese inn built in 1830s, but was closed its business five years ago. The owner of ‘Kakujoro’ Japanese inn in the same town purchased the old structure and renovated it before reopening. Fukue Town is located at the tip of Atsumi Peninsula in Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture. It takes about 15 minutes from Irako Promontory by car.

The town used to be a prosperous fishing port in the Atsumi Peninsula, but it takes more than one and 20 minutes from Toyohashi Station on the New Tokaido Bullet Train Line.

As of 2008, the Tahara City has an estimated population of 66,354 and the density of 405.01 persons per km². The total area is 188.58 km². The city was founded on August 20, 2003 as a result of the town of Tahara absorbed the town of Akabane and then gained city status. On October 1, 2005 the town of Atsumi was merged into the city of Tahara. Toyota Motor Corporation has its award winning Tahara plant in the city which makes many Lexus-brand cars and some Toyota models. The Toyota Celica was manufactured in Tahara from 1979 to 1999. Many Lexus models are manufactured within this plant, as are many Toyota models for domestic and international markets.

Guest houses are arranged around the courtyard


The new owner tried to dismantle any additional facilities, such as grand bath, dumbwaiter and other expanded facilities after its origin and put it back to its original condition when the inn started business 200 years ago. ‘Back to the nostalgic Taisho Era’ was the main theme for the renovation. The guest houses used to be arranged around the courtyard and layout of each guest rooms were rather spacious. The reinforcement against earthquakes was also done at the same time.

Wooden floored western style room, ‘六番’ or #6.


The roof of western style guest room ‘Rokuban’ or #6 had a leak and greatly damaged. It roof was retiled and new wooden flooring was provided. All ceiling boards were also removed making its beams and attic in nostalgic Taisho Era style visible directly to guests.

All other guest rooms are consisted of two Japanese type rooms. Layout of existing rooms on the 2nd floor was kept unchanged, but some rooms on the 1st floor were rather too small so these rooms were combined together and enlarged.

The special room ‘十番’’ or #10 was decorated in ‘Bengara’ or red ocher


The special room ‘Juban’ or #10 was decorated in ‘Bengara’ or red ocher, because its location used to be a red-light district in the Taisho Era. Its room windows are decorated with flowers and moon shaped pattern stained glass.

The Taishō period (大正時代), is a period in the history of Japan dating from July 30, 1912 to December 25, 1926, coinciding with the reign of the Taisho Emperor, The health of the new emperor was weak and prompted the shift in political power from the old oligarchic group of elder statesmen (or genro) to the Diet of Japan and the democratic parties. Thus, the era is considered the time of the liberal movement known as the “Taishō Democracy” in Japan; it is usually distinguished from the preceding chaotic Meiji Era and the following militarism-driven first part of the Showa Era.

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