In Mashiko, anyone could be a potter

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Mashiko (益子町 ) , a town located in Tochigi Prefecture., is known for its pottery, called mashikoyaki (益子焼).

Although pottery pieces have been found in Mashiko that date back to the Jomon Period (14,000-600 B.C.), modern Mashiko pottery, known as mashikoyaki, begins in the early 1850s when a potter from nearby Kasama named Keizaburo Otsuka noted the quality of the clay and decided to set up a kiln.

There are two different types of pottery available for purchase in Mashiko. All around the center of town you will find shops selling tableware like plates, bowls and cups. There are also more specialized stores that offer artistic pieces, often, one of a kind.

Traditionally in Japan, craftspeople were born into their professions, but Mashiko has long had a reputation as an open and educational community where experts and complete novices alike are welcome.

In Mashiko, anyone could be a potter.

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