The new born Japanese resort inn is aimed at the youth market

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Lower rates are set to distinguish from the main inn ‘Kakujo-ro’

Elements of Western style menu are skillfully employed

Compare to their main inn ‘Kakujoro’, this unique and original minded Japanese resort inn targeted on rather younger market. Main target of Itsutsuro is  couples of younger generations between 20s and 40s. Expecting average consumer price at the inn is about 15,000 yen or so.

On the other hand, main target of ‘Kakujoro’ is generations between 50s and 60s and its average consumer price is about 25,000 yen, and 32,000 yen at its new guest house.

Original menu ‘Haikara-age’ & ‘Irako-meshi’

Elements of Western style menu items are skillfully employed  for suiting to taste of these younger generations. Original menu, such as ‘Haikara-age’ or pieces of meat, seafood and vegetables fried on a skewer, ‘Irako-meshi’ or Japanese style Paella, and Bagna càuda, are developed. Local ingredients, such as seafood from nearest fishing port and vegetables from local farms, are positively used for these dishes. ‘Haikara-age’ is usually fried at open kitchen and served promptly to the dinner table. Guest can order additionally 12 to 15 skewers on their choice.

Service procedures are also different from the main house ‘Kakujoro’

Open-style dinning at Itsuitsuro & a private dinning room for guests in Kakujoro

Both similar style inns, Itsutsuro and Kakujoro, are located in neighboring district, so it is very hard to distinguish between them. Service procedures of each inn are also different. Dinner and breakfast is usually served self-service style at the dinning room, on the contrary to that, room guests at ‘Kakujoro’ are usually served at private rooms.
Room maid rarely visits guestrooms except guiding to their rooms at check-in time. Each guest usually picks up own Yukata as sleeping ware at the reception area when he or she checks in. There is free-drink service at ‘Irori-no-ma’ between 16:00 and 18:00, but there is no table service at all.

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