Dragon Quest Slime Pork Buns

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A convenience store chain FamilyMart began selling one million Slime nikuman (pork bun) inspired by the Dragon Quest role-playing games throughout Japan.

FamilyMart had originally planned only 500,000 Slime buns, but the early buzz led the chain to double its production batches.

FamilyMart assures people that it is not using artificial food coloring for the blue color. The pork inside is flavored with soy sauce, oyster sauce, bamboo shoots, and onions.

The buns celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Dragon Quest franchise; as early-stage monsters, the Slime creatures have been an icon ever since the very first game in 1986.

Each bun costs 170 yen (about US$2.20). Even though “November 29” is the official launch date, it is up to each store when to actually put them on the shelves. FamilyMart had 8,649 stores in Japan as of the end of October, so each store has an average of about 115 buns.



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