Merry Christmas Ookamisan

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"Merry Christmas Ookamisan" by Tatsuya Miyanishi

“Merry Christmas Ookamisan” (Merry Christmas Mr. Wolf) is a picture book by Tatsuya Miyanishi, first published in 2000.  Tatsuya Miyanishi can be counted as one of the best selling picture book authors.

I happened to find this Christmas story in some book review and decided to check it out with my kids.

The story turned out very moving  just as other Miyanisi’s stories.

 On the Christmas Eve, a hungry wolf found twelve piggies preparing for Christmas.  The wolf suddenly attacked their Christmas decoration and grabbed all the piggies.  It was at that time that the wolf unluckily tripped over a tree and lost consciousness・・・

Next, he found himself lying on a bed with his body wound with a bandage.  Twelve piggies, once his prey, took good care of the wolf.

Even when the wolf tried saying aloud, “I gotta eat you all up  when I recover,” he couldn’t make his words understood because of the bandage around his mouth.  What the piggies heard was just the groaning voice of the wolf.  The generous piggies thought, “Oh, poor wolf, he maybe tries to say “I’m sorry”and “thank you””.

Things go like this・・・

At last on the Christmas day, the wolf left without words.  Each piggy was given a small Christmas tree, a present by the wolf.

The fierce wolf was touched by the piggies’ love and changed his mind.

Christmas is a miracle・・・

Christmas is a beginning of love・・・

That is what this hearty story tells us.

Tatsuya Miyanishi’s other books also show us what love is.  His other books include the best-selling Tyrannosaurus series. Click here for the story↓;

I am the Tyrannosaurus!

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