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Story by Megumi

Hi there, I’m Megumi from Nagomi Kitchen.

I currently teach cooking classes at a well known school in Japan. I love cooking very much!
I’m interested to know if there are any cooking enthusiasts among the people who visit Japan every year. But I wonder there is few food tourism program which travelers can join casually in Japan as of now, so I decided to organize some food related tourism program as Nagomi Kitchen.


nagomi kitchen


Nagomi Kitchen is the program which you can experience Japanese home cooking through eating and cooking. In Japan, you can find a lot of delicious restaurant, it’s not only Japanese dishes but also world dishes. But Japanese people don’t eat everyday at restaurant, they cook themselves at home. Don’t you think it is the real Japanese dish?
If I visit foreign country, every time I want to know the real food culture of the country -what dishes people eat everyday. So Nagomi Kitchen is for everyone who want to know the real food culture in Japan.

We have two kind of food relates program, home visit and cooking experience. If you want to know the real Japanese people’s life and delicious home cooked dishes, join our home visit program.
In this program you visit Japanese people’s house and enjoy lunch or dinner with them like following video.


And if you want to try to cook by yourself Japanese home cooking, our cooking experience program is the good way to try it during your stay in Japan.
Actually about 50 people have already participated in our cooking program and discover Japanese original ingredients and condiments.

For example they cooked Pikachu lunchbox 😉

On this blog I will introduce you about Japanese food culture, easy Japanese recipe, and big smile of participants who join our programs 🙂

Megumi Kusunoki, (@nagomistation) currently a cooking instructor in Tokyo started Nagomi Kitchen in hopes for people around the world to learn more about real Japanese food. Combining her passion for tourism as a former scuba diving instructor, bus tour guide, and marketing and sales manager for an online guide for tourists coming to Japan, and food, Nagomi Kitchen was born out of a labor of love. She hopes that through Nagomi Kitchen more people will become more familiar with Japanese food and ingredients and be able to incorporate Japanese home cooking into their daily meal.

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Comment from Ann McCreery
Time 12/12/2011 at 18:07

I am sending my encouragement to continue teaching the skills of Japanese food. I love Japanese food, but I live in Idaho and it is hard to get the right ingredients. Every time I go to California my suitcase becomes full of items from Japanese markets. Various kinds of okonomiyaki are my favorites. Keep teaching!

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