Hi!I am Ai from “Gothic&Lolita&Punk no kai”!!

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Alice in Wasedaland 2011

Nice to see you!

I will take part in Tenkai-Japan from today.

My name is Ai, and I am a leader of “Gothic&Lolita&Punk no kai”(http://homepage3.nifty.com/glp/  ←for now,we have Japanese version only and English version is under construction.), a fashion club at Waseda University.

I organized “Gothic & Lolita & Punk no kai”in 2009 and have held events for students to promote friendship among each other and for ordinary people to get to know gothic&lolita&punk fashion.In the event”Alice in Wasedaland” I conducted, gothic&lolita&punk fashion clothes from Angelic Pretty,Atelier Pierrot,Black Peace Now,PEACE NOW were used in the fashion show and also Nobara Takemoto(the author of “Shimotsuma monogatari”),Kokushokusumire(the musican) were invited as a guest speaker and a performer respectively.

My favorite things are gothic&lolita&punk fashion,music(mainly “Visual kei”),and all lovely things.
I would like to write about my activities and daily life and so on.

My hope is that more and more people will get to know gothic&lolita&punk fashion and other cute things made in Japan.

The picture I uploaded was taken in the  event”Alice in Wasedaland”,which is one of my activities.(A girl sitting in the front line with a pink rose on her head is me.)

Please enjoy!!

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Comment from Tenkaijapan
Time 20/12/2011 at 11:34

Congratulations on your first post ! You are a great writer and a deep thinker.

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