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This is the Nanakusagayu I cooked today.

January 7th is the day when the Japanese eat the traditional Japanese rice porridge with seven spring herbs, called Nanakusagayu, praying for good health throughout the year. The custom was first introduced in Japan from China in the 8th century.
The spring herbs put in the porridge are: seri(Japanese parsley), nazuna(shepherd’s purse), gogyou(cottonweed), hakobera(chickweed), hotokenoza(henbit), suzuna(turnip), suzushiro(radish).
Talking about my family, my grandmother used to cook Nanakusa-gayu on this occasion. I had never cooked it myself until today. Yet, the time must have come when I should pass the tradition down to my sons’ generation!!

"Seven herbs set" is available at every supermarket.

But I didn’t have to feel pressured…
What I did was just buy “Nanakusa-gayu seven herbs set” at a supermarket and cook rice with them!! I bought the set at 398 yen.
The first Nanakusa-gayu I cooked myself was delicious and all my families loved it.
May everybody stay happy and healthy this year!!!

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