Classical Cafe Cicaro will be open for only one day!!

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Classical Cafe Cicaro will be open on February 26th,2012 at Cafe Favorite Piece(

Classical Cafe Cicaro( is a cafe where everyone could enjoy delicious handmade sweets and tea served by classical maids in original maid costumes.Also,sisters of noblewomen(Mikhail,Himeko,Ai) will welcome you.

This time,the youngest sister Ai would host the tea party!

Everybody will be welcome!

For more information,check Cafe Cicaro web site(

If any questions,feel free to send an e-mail to .

Introductory story of Cafe Cicaro:

One day,sisters of noble birth(Mikhail,Himeko,Ai) were chatting with each other.

“What will us do next? ”

“How about inviting everybody to our tea party?”

“That would be a lot of fun!”

Then,one of them said to their maid,

“Take care of this matter, for we would be busy choosing clothes to wear at the tea party.”

The maid replied“Certainly,my ladies.”

Ai`s tea party at Cafe Cicaro

Ai`s tea party at Cafe Cicaro

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