VARIENTINE by Clementine

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This is the CD jacket of VARIENTINE by Clementine.

Today let me introduce Bossa version of Japanese music,  played in Japanese variety programs.  VARIENTINE by a French singer and songwriter, Clementine, was first released in August 2011.  Since then, the bossa flavors of Japanese songs, which are familiar to most of us, have comforted and cheered the Japanese.

Clementine was born in Paris and raised in different countries, so her music has been influenced by various local music as well as Bossa Nova; first debued in Paris, and now based in Japan.

The jacket of ANIMENTINE-plus

You should also check out ANIMENTINE(released in July, 2010 ) and ANIMENTINE-plus(released in May, 2011), both of which are Bossa version of Japanese anime songs.

My family and I enjoy both VARIENTINE and ANIMENTINE while driving!

Why don’t you check some?  I’m sure you’ll love them!

*Bossa du SUDARA BUSHI by Clementine

*Bossa du Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro by Clementine

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