Public Onsen facility ‘Yubae-onsen-kaido’ is laid out along the seaside

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It is something like a path along the ocean; therefore, you can enjoy seeing a beautiful vista of sunset into the Sea of Japan while taking bath. The bath house has variety of baths including outdoor baths, inner baths, separately for ladies and gentlemen.

Public Onsen Facilitis for Ladies

Ladie’s fountainhead outdoor bath ‘Yubae’

Vista of ocean can be observed from ‘Yubae’ fountainhead outdoor bath. Pure 100% original hot spring water is provided. Grand inner bath and sauna are also equipped in the ‘Yubae’ bath house. You can expect seeing a wonderful sunset view from the bath.

Ladie’s grand inner bath “Yubae”

You can enjoy seeing beautiful vista of ocean from the grand inner bath. It is laid out along with outdoor Onsen bath ‘Yubae’, so you can compare the quality of fountainhead hot spring water and hot water in the grand inner bath. Powder room for ladies is neatly arranged with full range of amenity goods. Two free massage chairs are equipped.

Ladie’s outdoor bath ‘Yunagi’

Another wonderful outdoor bath ‘Yunagi’ is also laid out for ladies. Bathtub is traditional style of ‘Hinoki’ or a Japanese cypress. In the evening, ‘Kagaribi’ bonfire is built and there is dreamy atmosphere around there.

Public baths for Gentlemen

Men’s fountainhead outdoor baths ‘Nukumori’ & ‘Tou’

Two outdoor baths for gentlemen are rather smaller sizes suitable for 2-4 people. Fountainhead hot spring water is directly provided and ‘yumomi-ita’ or piece of board for adjusting of water temperature by mixing is arranged there, so you can really enjoy wonderful bath time in traditional manner. Two outdoor baths are laid out in middle between the grand bath ‘Nihonkai’ and grand outdoor bath ‘Asanagi’.

Men’s Grand bath ‘Nihon-kai’

The grand bath is named as ‘Nihonkai’or the Sea of Japan because it is laid out along it, so you can observe beautiful vista of sunset while enjoy bathing. The outdoor bath ‘Nukumori & Tou’ and another outdoor bath ‘Asanagi’ are connected to the grand bath, so you can compare the quality of fountainhead hot spring water and natural hot water at the same time. Two free massage chairs are arranged at the dressing room.

Men’s outdoor bath ‘Asanagi’

The outdoor bath ‘Asanagi’ is made of traditional Japanese style ‘Hinoki’ or a Japanese cypress. You can enjoy seeing a magnificent view of the Sea of Japan and feel comfortable sea breeze while bathing. A strange shape of stone ‘Manju-iwa’ greets you in the garden in front of the outdoor bath. Sauna is also attached to the ‘Asanagi’ outdoor bath.

Chartered Onsen ‘Kaku’ & ‘Maru’

Although, most people in Japan enjoy taking bath together with other bathers in grand bath, if you hesitate to follow this way, it is recommendable to reserve chartered bath. There are two chartered bathrooms, named ‘kaku’ and ‘maru’. You can reserve one of them for 50 minutes in additional charge of 2,625 yen. A barrier-free toilet, a liquid crystal TV, and even a refrigerator are arranged in the private bathroom. Amenity good such as shampoo, hair conditioner in the room are specially selected higher quality ones.

Fountainhead Foot bath ‘Akiko-no-Ashiyu’

This free foot bath is located just in front of the entrance. The foot bath is named after a famous female tanka poet Akiko Yosano who had stayed Senami Onsen two nights in the beginning of Showa Era. Akiko made 45 tanka poems during her stay.

‘Onsen Toji’ or Master of Onsen Bathing

‘Onsen Toji’ knows on Senami Onsen in detail. As well as being in charge of controlling and managing of very hot 93℃-original sauce of hot spring water, he often talks about the history of Senami Onsen. He also visits dinning room and gives short lecture on enjoyment, healing or cure, and impression of Onsen bathing. If you find a staff wearing tag of ‘Onsen Toji’, please do not hesitate to communicate with him.

The hotel employs ‘Onsen Toji’ and asks him to manage 93℃-hot spring water into adequate temperature for bathing. Since only fountainhead original hot spring water is used, it is sometimes too hot for bathing or pieces of white sediment may be found at the surface floating on the hot spring water.

So, there is a procedure or manner of taking bath in fountainhead original sauce of hot spring water.

Step-1 Please put your hand into the bath and examines the temperature of hot spring water before taking.

Step-2 If it is too hot, please mix hot spring water with ‘Yumomi-ita’ or a piece of board to bring it in adequate temperature.

Step-3 Put a pail of hot spring water over your body.

Step-4 Soak your body into hot spring water.

Step-5 Enjoy yourself with feeling of aroma and soft touch of original Onsen water.

Step-6 Try not washes your body out of Onsen water after taking bath.

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For travelers from overseas

As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I am very happy to introduce ‘Yubae-no-yado Shiomi-so’ in Senami Onsen Resort, Niigata. If you have something to ask, like to make reservation, or need English speaking tour guide when visit to Senami Onsen Resort, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contact.

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Introduction of the specialist for Onsen design

If you like to build a real Japanese style hot spring facility in your country, I would like to introduce one of the best Japanese architects, Mr. Hiroshi Ebisawa, who is specialized in Onsen facility.

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