The 25th Tourism English Proficiency Test

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The 25th “Tourism English Proficiency Test” was held  and the final results of the second stage tests held on the last December 11th was notified to the test takers respectively on Jan.20th via snail mail.

I took the Grade 1 test for the first time and fortunately I passed it  and, as the photo shows, I have got  a Grade 1 Certificate.

The Tourism English Proficiency Test is hosted by ZGB (Zenkoku Gogaku Business Kanko Kyoiku Kyokai,  national language tourism education association) , consists of three grades namely Grade3, 2, and 1.

Tests of Grade 3 and 2 which are more basic level tests consisting of  only the first stages of written parts and listening parts are held twice a year, in summer and in autumn. Yet Grade 1 the top level test is held only once a year; the first stage in autumn on the same dates with those of Grade 3 and 2 tests and the second stage test consists of  an interview test with an examiner of native speaker.

The Grade 3 is a test of  basic tourism information such as on world heritage sites in the world or Japan, festivals held in prefectures and areas, pamphlets , billboards, basic English conversation texts related to tourism,  and others. The Grade 2 is of intermediate level test of  tourism- related knowledge a little more detailed and  higher than that of  Grade 3.  And Grade 1 is for targeted  professional workers with a- few- or- more year  experiences in tourism- related business, especially, at its second stage of English interview, test takers’ aural abilities including communicative skills to work as a server for tourists are tested. At the second stage, a test taker is given a question sheet of the test in advance and ten minutes to prepare the tasks of the test, so test takers’ abilities to organize the answers using their knowledge  is tested as well. You have to choose  either “Task A”: questions for “Tour guides for foreign tourists to Japan” or “Task B”: questions for “Tour directors for Japanese tourists to overseas”.

I chose Task A because I “am” a pro tour guide and at the test I needed to answer questions such as explaining  popular Japanese world heritage sites, Hiraizumi the newest world heritage cultural site, TPP matter ,and others.All the course of the interview being recorded put me under a pressure.

I am very happy for passing the test and prove my knowledge was good as a pro guide. And I do hope  this test system will be well-known in the public in order to encourage a lot of people to take an interest in tourism, English, and inbound tourism in Japan.


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