Reconstruction Agency inaugurated

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Reconstruction Agency(/Fukkoucho, 復興庁)  came into being to boost the rebuilding activities from the aftermath of 3.11 disaster on this Feb.10th. The agency’s duration is planned to be 10 years and will be over at the end of March 2021.  The post of  the first  Reconstruction Minister was assumed by Tatsuo Hirano, an ex- Minister of State for Disaster Management.

Tasuo Hirano

The agency is directly controlled by Prime Minister and the Minister of  Reconstruction is in charge of  managing the total operations to assist the Prime Minister.  The agency ‘s  “Main Office” is in Tokyo,  a “Reconstruction Bureau” and a “Branch Office” is set in  Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima respectively,and an “Office” is set in Hachinohe City Aomori and Mito City Ibaraki respectively. The above prefectures and cities are all damaged areas of the 3.11.  The agency is in charge of  planning reconstruction strategies, approving the budgets for rebuildings, disgnating Reconstruction Special Zones, and so forth.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda says, “I myself shall take the initiative and expect to have swift activities.”. The primary reason of setting up this agency is to boycott “vertically separated administrations” of inefficient or slow operations ,which tend to be caused by the distortion of that authorities or duties of  activities related to reconstruction are divided or allotted to many different agencies, ministers, or other branches of the government.  Still some people are worried if impediments caused by “red tapes” can be really got rid of , to realize effective and quick  reconstruction projects.

We really expect  the agency to be  a reliable administration to assist the sufferers and realize rebuilding or even re-prosperities of the areas including  happy ressurection of  flourishing  tourism in those areas as well.

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