The 35th Japan Academy Prize

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The 35th Japan Academy  Prize Awarding  Ceremony was held at Grand Prince New Takanawa in Shinagawa Tokyo on March 2nd.

“The Eighth Day Cicada”, directed by Izuru Narushima received  the awards in 10 sections ,namely, the Best Film Prize, the Best Actress Prize, the Best Director Prize, the Best Supporting Actress Prize,the Best Editing Prize, the Best Music Prize,the Best Script Prize,the Best Cinematographer Prize,the Best Recording Prize, and the Best Lighting Prize.  

The story of the work is about a girl who was kidnapped by her father’s mistress when she was very young and  becomes pregnant in an infidelity after having grown up. The originl novel was also popular and dramataized for TV as well.

Mao Inoue, who played the main part in “The Eighth Day Cicada”, received the Best Actress Prize, saying, “In th beginning I thought it was too early for me to receive such a great prize, but now I am so happy and have pride in this award. I shall keep making efforts to contribute to the film world as an actress, dignified with this award, ” , and as for the Best Film Prize,  “The Best Film Prize is what I have really wanted to win, and  though I felt like running away from our director Mr. Narushima many times, I am  very happy now for not having done so !”

Atsuko Maeda, the ace member of AKB48, received the Popularity Prize with “What If a Famale Manager of  a High School Baseball Team Reads Drucker’s”Management” ?”, the movie of her first leading role in. She says,”I still don’t know much about actresses’ job as I have just started my actor’s life, but  I am very happy for this award for energy source and being able to work with wonderful directors,actors, and staff, for I love movies.”     

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