A Special Event of The Girls’ Day at Nadeshiko-sushi

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March 3rd is “The Girls’ Day”, which we celebrate a festival  for a girl’s health and happiness , setting special adorned dolls, eating special sweets, drinking sweet rice juice, and others.

This year Nadeshiko-sushi, the popular sushi restaurant in Akihabara that I sometimes write  about here, hosted a special event for that day. One excellent young female sushi chef there cut wonderful sea breams quickly,elaborately, and even elegantly… rolled   

while some  made colorful hand-rolled sushi,


…or made special chirashi-zushi(vinegared rice with thin stripes of egg, pieces of raw fish,vegetables, and other ingredients) that was arrangend so that it look liked a sweet cake for The Girls’ Day.


And the dessert of the special dishes for that day’s event was a plate of sorted “real” sweets  made by chefs there.


I  found all of that day’s special dishes very cute, splendid, and very delicious.

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