Japanese instrument musicians’ Visual Kei band “Crow x Class” flaps

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Last night I saw Crow x Class~黒鴉組~ on stage for the first time at “Meguro Rokumeikan” music clubs , and their performance was really impressive.

Crow x Class~黒鴉組~ is the first Visual Kei band that is composed entirely of professional Japanese instrument musicians.
The bands on-stage performance brought together an energetic and eclectic musical show with elements of theater, to provide a truly original and entertaining experience.The sound was a beautiful but edgy blend of traditional Japanese instruments and modern heavy rock. This combination of styles has created a new image for instruments such as the koto and shamisen and has made their sound accessible to a new generation.

I thought the day will soon be here that attract the attention of listeners wolrd wide.

黒流(ボーカル、和太鼓)/ Kurona (Vocal,Wadaiko)奏(津軽三味線)/ Kanade (Tsugaru-shamisen)紫音(琴)/ Shion (Koto)響(尺八)/ Hibiki (Shakuhachi)影(尺八)/ Mikage(Syakuhachi)炸(和太鼓)/ Saku (Wadaiko)

Story by Makoto Kurita


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One Response to “Japanese instrument musicians’ Visual Kei band “Crow x Class” flaps”

Comment from Alice
Time 13/03/2012 at 23:49

Agreed~ Their live was amazing!

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