Explanations of Gothic&Lolita part1 “Lolita style”

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Explanations of Gothic&Lolita(quoted from “GOTHIC&LOLITA@wiki http://www15.atwiki.jp/hisuzusia/” 2012,3,17)
I’m going to translate sentences (all sentences are reported in GOTHIC&LOLITA@wiki) into English a few at a time.
These explanations are not a definition of Japanese Gothic&Lolita culture but a common opinion.


“Lolita” comes from Lolita(Nabokov,1955), and means girlishness.
Even if people who love Lolita style of fashion admit it themselves that their fashion is overly girlish taste and innocence.

Features of Lolita style are a flared skirt,headdress, bonnet, and a lot of frills or lace.
Many people tend to dress in white or pink.Others like to dress in red, light blue, and black.
Main patterns are strawberry, cherry, heart mark, ribbon, and animals(for example a poodle ,a rabbit, and a fawn).
After WWⅡ, girl’s magazine(Soleil,) made patterns of strawberry and a poodle popular.


-more close classification of Lolita style-
It means sweet Lolita style.This style is originated from sweets and sewn lace on dresses.

This style is  medieval design.

It means black Lolita.The combination of black-white or black-black in the dress is called “kurololi”.

It means that people dress in white.(“Akaloli” means that people dress in red)

The stlye is more princessly than girlish.

This is known as “Gothic and Lolita”.It’s construct is not only Lolita but Gothic.

These classification of Lolita style is not popular.
But it helps you to know “Lolita” deeply.

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