“Tokyo Sky Tree Station”

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Tokyo Sky Tree, the currently most popular new tourists’ destination in Tokyo, which is planned to start its operation on this May 22nd, has a new phase now (http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/english/);  “Tokyo SkyTree Station”(/とうきょうスカイツリー駅)-a new name has now been given to the closest train station to the newest Tokyo’s landmark.


The station was originally called “Narihirabashi-station”(/業平橋駅) of Tobu Isezaki line but was renamed “Tokyo Sky Tree Station ” on this March 17th.  A lot of people, such as railroad fans and locals stood in line to buy  the memorial tickets in token of the changing names, all of which were sold out so soon.

Tobu, the operation railroad company of the line also changed some parts of the station’s design and the time tables related to the Isezaki Line, so, super express trains has come to  stop at the station. The part between Asakusa/Oshiage and Tobu Dobutsu Koen-station along that line has got a new nickname of “Tobu Sky Tree Line”.

The stationmaster Nobu Shiiki says, “People from all over the world will be coming here, so, we would make every effort to live up to the name of  “the threshold station to Tokyo Sky Tree.” ”

Actually, those rennovations are highly expected to improve promotions and the groundwork for the internationalization of  Tokyo Sky Tree and that area.

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