An old Nagomi Kitchen friend comes back

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Story by Alisa

Last Sunday we had a past participant from our kyaraben class from December come back for our Japanese basic cooking class. What was great was that her Japanese husband came with her to participate in the program this time! Like our other expat participants, she told us that it’s the basic things that are part of a person’s daily routine like grocery shopping or cooking that are some of the most difficult obstacles to overcome when you first settle into a new country.

Having personally experienced trying to cook in various countries where I could not speak nor read the language, I can understand how it is difficult to adjust. During the lesson it was great to see her pause and reconfirm from time to time to make sure she was understanding and remembering everything.

Learning how to cook the dishes that are part of the Japanese basic cooking class is important but getting familiar with the ingredients is what really opens you up to new dishes so we really hope all our participants will not hesitate to ask us anything and everything. Not only will we do our best to give you the best answers and advice during the program but please always feel free to contact Nagomi Kitchen afterwards. We are always here to help. In return, just make sure to participate in all our programs and we’ll be happy for sure! (sort of kidding?)

Alisa Sanada, (@asanada) co-organizer for Nagomi Kitchen, is a former Texan currently residing in Kawasaki. She went from craving fresh jalapenos while working 7 years in the web industry in Tokyo and Osaka to craving fresh tofu while traveling across the globe for a year in 2011 as a full time nomad. Alisa joined Nagomi Kitchen wanting to bring together her passions, the web, travel, and food.


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