Play Hatsune Miku songs live! with the Yamaha vocaloid keyboard

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YAMAHA, the developer of the Vocaloid vocal song synthesis software engine, has developed a keyboard that can perform Vocaloid songs live, in realtime.

The user simply plays notes using a traditional piano-like keyboard with the right hand. Meanwhile, the user can spell out Japanese syllables for the lyrics by simultaneously pressing the keys for consonants and vowels with the left hand.

Shota Kagami of YAMAHA’s Software Design Group noted that until now, Vocaloid song creators had use a personal computer to compose music, and then spell out the lyrics separately.

Also, previous “live” performances of Vocaloid songs were actually mapped out in advance; a technical problem in this month’s “Miku no Hi Dai-Kanshasai” (“Many 39s Giving Day”) concerts left the virtual idol Hatsune Miku speechless during part of one song, even as she kept dancing to pre-programmed moves.

With the new keyboard, a Vocaloid song creator can perform and change songs on the fly, based on audience feedback and the creator’s own mood at the moment.

YAMAHA does not plan to release the keyboard commercially, but it will offer the technology to interested companies.

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