White strawberries ‘Scent of First Love’~♪

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White strawberries are in demand this spring and are showing up in more supermarkets. 

Japanese media refer to them as “Hatsukoi no kaori” (Scent of First Love).

Although “white strawberries” sound and look unripe, their taste is amazingly sweet and rich. White strawberries are the product of the creative minds at Miyoshi Agritech Co, which has been developing new varieties of strawberries for 20 years.

The color on the surface and the inside are white but the seeds are red. White strawberries have a high sugar content, which is about level 12.

They have become very popular gift items at weddings, birthdays and births.

How much would it cost?

Be prepared to hand over 5 dollars for one white strawberry.

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