Newly restored Karamon-gate, Toshogu in Nikko

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One of the national treasures in Japan is Karamon-gate, Toshogu in Nikko.

One of our group visited there last month to see the procedure of the restoration and we found it very impressive way craftsmen were following.  Now Karamon gate are reappeared in front of us.  What a marvelous job the craftsmen did!!  Now I do understand the meaning of “Never say Kekko (wonderful) without seeing Nikko.”

I believe this restoration was a part of the Toshogu Heisei restoration program which budgeted neary 2 billion yen.  (about 24 million dollars US)

When you come to Nikko, please contact TOTAK guides who are based inTochigi pref. and show you around at reasonable guiding fee.  I think it is worth to be with the guide.

Contact Cool Tours or me directly.

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