“Bus-Anno” of “Fukuoka Open Top Bus”

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Fukuoka City , the captal of Fukuoka prefecture in Kyushu now has a unique bus sightseeing tour service system provided by  Nishitetsu(Nishi-Nippon Railroad  Co.,Ltd. http://www.nishitetsu.co.jp/bus/) . The bus tour service launched on the March 24th is called “Fukuoka Open Top Bus” at which  open-roof double deckers are in use. And what is sepacial and popular about the service is the bus guides called “Bus-Anno” (Bus Announcers).     


The Bus-Annas, whose current number is eight, are professional announcers or fashion models who register at a local entertainment agency.


The Bus-Annos make much of their special talents as entertainers and performers to serve passengers.


The tour service currently comes in three courses; (1)”Seaside Momochi Beach Park & the Ruin of Fukuoka Castle “(about 60min.), (2) “Bay-side & Hakata streets “(about 60min.), and (3)”Fukuoka Sparkling Night Scenery”(about 90min.).  The tour fee of a course (the same price for all the three courses) is 1500 yen for an adult and 750 for a child ( four years or old and a elementary pupil. Three years or yougner cannot join a tour)

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