Shibuya Hikarie grand opening

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A huge commercial complex called “Shibuya Hikarie” opened on this April 26th. This new facility is adjacent to Shibuya station in Shibuya Tokyo, which is one of the busiest stations in Tokyo or even Japan.

The facility has 34 floors above ground and 4 below whose total floor space is 144000 ㎡ and consists of “ShinQs”, a commercial area having about 200 various stores and business area with “Theater Orb”, a musical theater, a disaster-prevention center of Shibuya ward, business offices. Some of the stores are restaurants,food shops, and so forth ,at one of which an ex Takarazuka actor gives advice concerning aesthetic matters to customers.


At the grand opening ceremony, the three presidents of Tokyu group’s companies that manage and support the facility showed up and conducted a ribbon-cutting and other activities. They are Chihiro Nihashi, president of Tokyu Department Store that manages ShinQs, Hirofumi Nomoto of Tokyu Corporation conducting a big project of  renovating Shibuya town as a whole, Atsushi watanabe of  Tokyu Bunkamura that runs Theater Orb. They have a strong intent to reinvigorate the town by launching this new store institution setting a target of  having 14 million customers in the first year and this is a part of  their “big project of the century” of renovation of Shibuya including constructing five new buildings, which is planned to be complete in 2026. This time’s Shibuya Hikarie is the primary part of the series of the new construction project.

Actually, my mother visited this Hikarie today, the very opening day, and found so many people there which made a surprisingly crazy situation, yet she received a special small gift as a token of  the opening at a Tokyu store near there.

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