Original Nikko Toshogu-shrine

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Nikko Toshogu-shrine is known as the most colorful and well decorated shrine in Japan.  Above photos are taken not in Nikko but Serada, Ota-shi, Gunma pref. next to Tochigi pref.  These are photos of original Nikko Toshogu-shrine which was built by Iyasasu’s son the second Shogun Hidetada.  After 20 years passed, the third Shogun Iemitsu who loved his grand father rebuilt the world famous Toshogu-shrine which we can see now in Nikko.  Original Nikko Tosogu-shrine.  Original architecture was moved to Serada where Tokugawa’s place of origin.

Please compare above photos and the photo down below.  According to Ieyasu’s will,” build a small shrine and enshrine me as a god” ., Hidetada followed what his father said.  Simply Iemitsu spent nearly 3% of GNP at that time to build such an amazing architecture.

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