“Sadako 3D” demonstration in Shibuya

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Sadako is a fictitious popular Japanese evil ghost of  J-horror  “Ring” series whose movie editions were also remade in Hollywood.

Sadako’s movie “Sadako 3D”was made this year for the first time in 12 years and is going to be released on this May 12th.   As a promotion event of the newest movie of the popular series, more than 50 women in  “Sadako’s costume” made a “parade” in Shibuya station area in Tokyo ,where they all took a pose of  jumping out of a TV monitor, on May 6th.

The parade was divided into three groups and they distributed “a letter from Sadako” to passers-by at Shibuya entrance, Shibuya MarkCity, and Moyai statue respectively. There were 12 kinds of contents in the letters. Some are written as, “This time I jump out of a screen, for I have got fed up with coming out of a well”, “See my new movie, or I will curse you, even you will see it , I will curse you anyway”, ” I have a surprisingly nice body. ” and others. Totally 10,000 letters were handed there, while  promotion trucks of the movie were driving around the town.A lot of excited young people took photos of the parade, some being shouting , screaming in joy or fear…


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