Enjoy bathing in the four different types of springhead natural hot spring bathtubs

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Existing facilities help promoting the concept of ‘Natural & Comfort’.

 Hotel Shogetsutei has had attracting facilities, such as public bathhouse ‘Gekka-no-yu’, relaxation salon ‘Fuka’ and cottage type spa facility ‘Mori-no Private Spa’ which also help promoting the concept of new renovated zone ‘Natural & Comfort’.




Public bathhouse ‘Gekka-no-yu’ is surrounded by natural forest so you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery in each season while taking bath. You really feel something like bathing in a natural springhead Onsen. Fresh air surrounded the bathhouse will bring you to the supreme bliss of relaxation.

Both sections for men and women have natural taste of inner grand baths and outdoor baths in the landscape garden in front of the bathhouse. Different style of mist sauna and Jacuzzi are also equipped in each section.

Upper: Outdoor bath
Lower left: Mist sauna Lower right: Jacuzzi bath


A feeling of natural freedom in spacious outdoor bath and Jacuzzi

A sauna next to the bathhouse is quite beautiful in Romanesque architecture. It is wholly covered with aroma of herb and white mist which make your skin revitalize in efficacy of aromatherapy. Then, soak into the Jacuzzi bath next door and make you relax mentally and physically. The herbs for aroma, such as rosemary, lavender, mint, and so on, are changed seasonally.

Left: Outdoor bath Upper right: Mist sauna
Lower right: Jacuzzi bath made with Hinoki


Enjoy seeing abundant greenery forest from ‘Gekka-no-yu’ bathhouse while soaking in a springhead Onsen.

While enjoy bathing in open-air Jacuzzi, fragrance from Hinoki Japanese cypress used as the bath tub make you mentally and physically refresh.

Then, perspire profusely and make your self refresh in the mist sauna decorated with marble floor and tasteful natural stone wall. It is a precious space with the scent of ‘Hinoki’ Japanese cypress is wafting through the air. Comfortable scent of mist heals your utterly exhausted body.




Comfortable Japanese style tearoom for bathers makes them relax and recuperate after bath. A cup of healthy drinks for refreshment, such as Oolong (traditional Chinese tea), orange juice, and Ume (Japanese apricot) are served.

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For travelers from overseas

As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I am very happy to introduce Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei’ in Kinosaki Onsen Resort. If you have something to ask, like to make reservation, or need English speaking tour guide when visit to Kinosaki Onsen Resort, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contact.

Please Contact Us/お問合せ

Introduction of the specialist for Onsen design


If you like to build a real Japanese style hot spring facility in your country, I would like to introduce one of the best Japanese architects, Mr. Hiroshi Ebisawa, who is the author of a technical book ‘ONSEN’ specialized in design for Japanese Style SPA. The bilingual book written in Japanese-English is published by Rikuyosha Co. (http://www.rikuyosha.co.jp/) which is available at most bookstores in Japan.

Please contact: http://www.e-koubo.co.jp/

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