Tokyo Sky Tree Grand Open today !

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Tokyo Sky Tree , the newest popular tourists’ destination of Japan at the moment finally hosted its Grand Opening  and started its operation today May 22nd 2012.


Lucky 9,000 winners of the admission tickets of the obsevatories and other visitors visited the highestand newest tower in Japan.  Only one out of 335 applicants won the ticket to the First Obsevatory(350m high) for the entry there in daytime of the 22nd.

All the tickets to the First Observatory(/天望デッキ, Tenbou Deck) up to those for  Jul.10th can be purchased by advance reservation only.  The reserved tickets prices are;  Adult: 2,500 yen, Junior or Senior high school student: 2,000 yen, Elementary pupil: 1,400 yen, and  Infant: 1,100. From the Jul.11th and on, current- day tickets will be available and the prices will be;  Adult:2,000 yen,  Junior or Senior Student: 1,500 yen, Elementary Pupil:900 yen, and Infant: 600 yen. (1$≒80 yen, 1€≒102 yen)  In order to go up to the Second Obsevatory(/天望回廊, Tenbou Kairou) , surcharges are necessary (Adult:1,000 yen, Junior or Senior Student:800 yen, Elementary Pupil:500 yen, and Infant:300 yen).

It was, unfortunately, raining today 22nd, and as  strong winds began to blow in the evening, the elevator between the two observatories suspended its operation temporarily at around 17:30 and the Second Obsevatory closed at 19:30, which had orginally been planned to keep open until 22:00. Still, the illumination service started at 7:00 as originally planned.

The Tokyo Sky Tree started its history with huge enthusiasm and popularity supporeted by  people, and is expected to function as a new symbol of Japan.

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