Japan’s fastest elevator

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My friend from Canada was over, and her relatives live in Yokohama, so we went to Yokohama the first time.
The place was absolutely beautiiiiifffuuullll!
We went to the landmark tower which is known for being the Japan’s fastest elevator.
It shoots up to the 69th floor with the speed of 45km/hour.
It felt like I was on the “tower of terror” at Disney Sea and could feel my ears pop!
The view from the 69th floor was just gorgeous.
It was a sunny day so we saw everything clearly.
One shocking news (at least for me!) here:
In this area, you are not allowed to hang dry your laundries outside since it ruins the beautiful view.
…how about the people who don’t own a dryer??? Apparently, you have to hang wet laundry in your room :/
But this rule definitely does help the city look amazing!
By Mana Nakamura

洗濯物を外へ干してはいけないと言う事を知りました。(By 中村麻菜)
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