Local dishes so-called ‘sanso-ryori’ is suitable for mountain villa

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Famed Chef Nozaki from ‘Wake-Tokuyama’ in Tokyo helped to set up so-called ‘Sanso-ryori’ for the dinning room ‘Wabizakura’

Chef Yabe (left) always tries to use local food materials under Chef Nozaki’s (right) concept


One more attraction for their room guests is its characteristic dishes served at their dinning room ‘Wabizakura’. A chef from one of the famous Japanese restaurant inTokyo‘Wake-Tokuyama’ helped to set up menu for the inn. Chef Hiromitsu Nozaki planed setting up menu something different fromKyotostyle ‘Kaiseki’ which is very popular among ordinal Japanese inns. A so-called ‘Sanso-ryori’ under the chef Nozaki’s concept is based on using local food products.


Dinner and breakfast for most room guests, except for guests who want to have them in their guestrooms, are served at the dinning room ‘Wabizakura’ which is consisted of eight separate rooms.


Mr. Yoshiharu Yabe, the chef of the dinning room ‘Wabizakura’, had worked together in the same kitchen under chef Nozaki. He always tries to use local food materials under Chef Nozaki’s concept. So the every dish for dinner and breakfast basically differs from that served in ordinal Japanese inn which attracts their room guests.


Variety of delicacies obtained from nearby mountains and local fishing port is cooked for dinner table.


Variety of healthy breakfast is served in a large quantity but assorted in small portions. Two kinds of cups of vegetable juice are served at the breakfast table.


An outward appearance and delicacy of dishes are not necessarily required, but importance is putted on its mountain villa style and taste cooked with mountain products or delicacies such as fowl, meat or foodstuffs obtained in the mountains. ‘Sashimi’ or sliced raw fish is only the exceptional items among other mountain products. Because, ‘Sashimi’ in Japanese dishes is must item and if it is not included in their menu, most guests will not be able to satisfy. Freshness of sea products is their main concern when cook ‘Sashimi’ so fish and shell are usually purchased from nearby fishing ports inAkitaprefecture or sometimes in bordering Iwate prefecture.

Although, selection of tableware and dishing up is carefully planed, there is no visible florid expression compared to typical dishes, such as crab and meat. So an assorted dish ‘Wabizakana’ is planed as a main dish in the dinner course.

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