Bathing at wonderful chartered outdoor bath

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Upper: Chartered outdoor bathLower: Open-air bath in each guestroom


Each guestroom in ‘Wabizakura’ has own open-air bath with 100% natural springhead hot spring. Adding to that, all room guests have a privilege to take bath at the chartered outdoor bath. Original source was successfully gushed out within the site in 2008 after drill for hot spring. The quality is simple alkaline hot spring water in ph9.6 which makes your skin smoother. If you like to take it, you can book for 30 minutes bathing at your convenient period when you check in to ‘Wabizakura’. Business hours of the chartered outdoor bath are between 15:00 and 22:00 in the evening, and 6:00 and 10:00 in the morning


‘Wabizakura’ is aimed at the wealthy people from the Tohoku district


Main target of ‘Wabizakura’ is couples of 50s and 60s, because Kakunodate is popular among older tourists. However, the inn is also popular among tourists of 20s and 30s, and family groups. The inn aimed at couples so the quietness is one of the important factors. And therefore family group with children can only stay in the guest room with a dinning room.

Actually, most arrivals are fromSendaiandTokyometropolitan areas. The proportion of men and women is 4 to 6, even the inn has not intended to. Average total revenue per person is about 39,000 yen. Although, the inn has invested only limited amount of money on its promotion and the East Japan Earthquake affected a lot, its occupancy rate is about 70% so far. ‘Wabizakura’ has only limited 10 guestrooms, so it is possible to make the inn with full house in all season.

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For travelers from overseas

As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I am very happy to introduce ‘Kakunodate-sanso WABIZAKURA’. If you have something to ask, like to make reservation, or need English speaking tour guide when visit to Kakunodate town inAkita prefecture, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contact.

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Introduction of the specialist for Onsen design




If you like to build a real Japanese style hot spring facility in your country, I would like to introduce one of the best Japanese architects, Mr. Hiroshi Ebisawa, who is the author of a technical book ‘ONSEN’ specialized in design for Japanese Style SPA. The bilingual book written in Japanese-English is published by Rikuyosha Co. ( which is available at most bookstores inJapan.

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