Oku Nikko

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    The temperature in Utsunomiya goes up to 35℃ or even higher these days. My family and I decided to take a day trip to Oku Nikko last Monday. Yes, that was the right place to cool down ourselves. The temperature of Oku Nikko was around 25℃!! It felt great!!  

   Those pictures of the waterfalls make me feel good even after coming back to the hot city of Utsunomiya.
(1) Kegon-no-taki (Kegon Waterfall)

One of the most celebrated of its kind in Japan!

(2)Ryuzu-no-taki (Ryuzu Waterfall)

Ryuzu-no-taki literally means "dragon head waterfall."

(3)The view from Hangetsuyama (Mt. Hangetsu)

From here, we could see Lake Chuzenji and Mt.Nantai.

    This time we didn’t have enough time to go up to the observatory deck, but it was cloudy anyway. This is the view from the parking at Hangetsuyama. Nantaisan (Mt.Nantai, also known as Nikko Fuji) was not clear then, but I’m sure it would be one of the best spots to appreciate the beautiful Mt.Nantai.  I wish I would be back again when it’s clear.



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Comment from Su
Time 09/09/2013 at 20:46

Hi Gloria Y,

I’ve found your page by coincidence. May I ask you a favor how to go to Hangetsuyama observation deck? Is it possible to go by the public transportation because I’d like to go there during this october 2013.

Thanks and Regards

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