MIYA MATSURI 2012 (Utsunomiya Summer Festival 2012)

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This was one of the 90 portable shrines.

   The 37th MIYA MATSURI (Utsunomiya Summer Festival) was held on August 4th and 5th. My friends, my family and I went to the festival on August 4th. Actually, it was my first time to experience this festival since we had moved in this city 6 years ago.

    The total number of mikoshi (portable shrines), which paraded the town throughout 2-day-festival, were 90! And about 3,500 kids (under age 6) joined the parade on the second day.

    The following is the official site of MIYA MATSURI. Various pictures of Japanese traditional performing arts can be checked!

This is the Orion st., main street of the city.

    I had rarely seen so many people at one place in Utsunomiya. At first, I had felt like all the Utsunomiya citizens visited this festival. But I heard that  people from different places as well as Utsunomiya citizens come and enjoy the festival these days.

    We enjoyed the night – watching the parade, tasting street food, buying masks, etc. I hope even more people will come and feel the hot Utsunomiya next year!

Our kids were happy to wear Doraemon masks.


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