Exciting and vivid! Tsukiji Market-Vol. 5

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An tuna auctioneer reads  prices and sings them like in rap music





At 5:00 in the morning, a corner of auction market is crowded with professional buyers, where a large number of tuna are placed on the floor. A label indicating the order of auction is attached on the back of each tuna.


Professional buyers from intermediate wholesalers and other licensed companies are busy around to determine final value on their expecting purchasing tuna. Each buyer has their indispensable small tools for his evaluation on tuna, such as a flashlight and a hook.


At 5:30, an auctioneer rings out his hand bell to inform opening of the auction to all buyers. All five auctioneers from wholesale companies start their business almost the same time, so they try to get buyers to own auction place. Sound of bells getting louder. Buyers gathered around the each auctioneer where their expecting tuna are placed on the floor. A number of large or small circles of buyers are seen here and there in the auction place.

Come on, let’s start auction!

The auctioneer calls out the number placed on the back of tuna. Then, each buyer shows their price with ‘yari’ or finger actions, such as binding or sticking out of his fingers.

Oh! First ‘yari’ says 5,000 yen per kg. Then the auctioneer reads and calls out 5,000 yen after reading of the  finger movement. Other buyers busily show their prices with their fingers here and there, and then the auctioneer repeats their prices each time in louder.

Meanwhile, all buyers stop their finger movement. Soon after that the auctioneer decides final price on the tuna, and calls out the name of buyer who has shown the highest price. Each price on tuna is decided within only a few seconds. The auction proceeds at breakneck speed.


Performance of each auctioneer is really characteristic and attractive to see. One auctioneer wiggles his body in angulations, another roars with a thick tongue, and another shouts over in a high-pitched voice while waving about his arm. It sounds like singing rap music even they are just informing order of auction numbers, prices of tuna, and name of buyers.

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