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Although, a little hard to access, it is good experience to see tuna auction




One of the most attracting spots in Tsukiji Market is the tuna auction market however it is not easy to access, because,Tokyo metropolitan government provides  strict procedures on the field trip, therefore, it is not recommendable to visit there just for fun.


Taking a field trip to the tuna auction market

Under the strict procedures issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, you can take a field trip to the frozen tuna auction market. A long and narrow observation area is arranged at the wholesale market for visitors, and is usually  filled with foreign and local visitors between 5:00 and 6:15 every morning.

An auction starts as a sound of bell rung by auctioneers while professional buyers are still busy evaluating their expecting frozen tuna. It is usually starts at a sharp period, such as from 5:30 or 6:00. It is the best part of the attraction to seeing that huge bodies of frozen tuna placed on palettes on the auction market.

Of course, you are not allowed touching your hands to any bodies of tuna, you can take photos without flash light. It is recommendable to wear casual clothes when you visit. Especially in winter season, put thicker clothes for keeping your body warm.

The problem is its rather complicated hard access from the main entrance to the auction market for first comers. And also during this time in the morning, the whole market is very busy with trucks, fork lifts, and small vehicles moving about.

So it is recommendable for first comers:




Kachidoki Gate

Fish Information Center


Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market: Tsukiji Market provides certain procedures on a field trip to the tuna market under the consideration of safety of visitors and not giving any disturbances on regular function of the market as well.


Procedures on a field trip to tuna auction market

[Please Observe the Following when Visiting Tsukiji Market]


In conjunction with the recent boom in the popularity of Tsukiji the number of tourists, including foreign visitors, paying a visit to the market is increasing. Experiencing the vibra Tsukiji market presents a great opportunity for learning about the functions of the central wholesale market and the current perishables distribution system, but the both the wholesaling and reselling areas are busy places during the early morning hours.

Various problems have arisen in association with the increased number of tourists (including sanitation management problems such as temperature control issues caused by the entry and exit of large numbers of unauthorized persons, and problems with visitors impeding the auction and other trading activities), especially at the early morning auction held in the tuna wholesale area. For these reasons, tourists are not allowed to enter the wholesaling areas which are especially crowded. But visitors can watch the auction only in the designated area in the Tuna Auction Area from 5:00 am to 6:15 am. In the auction area, please defend posted notes and follow the directions from guards not to disturb the market activity.

Since the market is very busy with trucks, forklifts, and small vehicles moving about, guests are asked to be especially careful and vigilant when they visit. Public guided-tours of Tsukiji Market are only available for groups of students (elementary school, junior and senior high school) and reservations may be made from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. There are no public tours for other visitors or in other time periods.

If you visit the market we ask that you observe the above stated rules. Your cooperation and understanding regarding this matter are greatly appreciated.

Visitors’ Rules for the Tuna Auction Observation at the Tsukiji Market


  1. Number of Visitors
    Up to 120 visitors per day (On a first-come, first-served basis. No reservation in advance.)
  2. Visitors Registration
    •  (1) Registration Place: 1st Floor of “The Fish Information Center” (By the Kachidoki Bridge entrance).
    •  (2) Registration Time: From 5:00AM.
  3. Tour Times
    Visitors are divided up into two groups of 60 according to their order of arrival.
    •  (1) First group visits the tuna auction area from 5:25AM to 5:50AM.
    •  (2) Second group visits the area from 5:50AM to 6:15AM.

(Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market: Tsukiji Market)



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For travelers from overseas

As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I am very happy to introduce ‘Tsukiji Market’. If you have something to ask, like to make reservation, or need English speaking tour guide when visit toTokyo, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contact.

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