Playing Visual-kei Music with old Japanese Instrumental

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Today, we’d like to introduce an interesting band which mixes Japanese traditional culture with pop culture.
Visual-kei is one of the many famous music genres of Japan, its bands sport remarkable make-up as well as unique costumes.


Typical examples of the visual-kei artists are X JAPAN, LUNA SEA and Kuroyume.

They are for sure quite extraordinary, but sometimes they can be surprisingly traditional.
Their flamboyant make-up and costumes remind us of Japanese traditional art such as Kabuki and Takarazuka.

photo credit: Mullenkedheim via photo pin cc

Nowadays, Visual-kei Bands in Japan have become extremely popular thanks to the spectacular shows they stage, as well as their great music skills Amongst the many bands playing around the world today is “Crow Class” – a Visual-kei band that plays traditional Japanese instruments.


‘’Crow Class’’ is one of a kind. Their instruments are traditional Japanese ones such as a Japanese drum, a koto, a shamisen (three-stringed Japanese guitar), two shakuhachi (a bamboo flute) and a vocal. This enables them to create their own world of music.
Here is an example of their pieces of music.
Crow Class 「舞哀 -Maika-」

Japanese music instruments are expected to play a mellow melody rather than an intense one.

However, Crow Class plays various kinds of music, from hard one to pop, danceable ones by combining modern rhythm and Japanese instruments.

You can feel ‘’Japan’’ in many different kinds of rhythm. This is because the band respects Japanese traditional culture and uses its instruments.
Once, I went to their live concert and got completely blown away!
They play techno and hard rock songs, and there is also solo performances by each Japanese instrument between each song. I didn’t feel like I was at a concert of a visual-kei band, but rather like I was seeing a Japanese traditional art.
Some of the female audience was wearing Yukata (Japanese traditional costume in summer) and dancing crazily!
I’m sure you can feel a new aspect of Japan through their music.
Don’t miss the chance to discover more about Japan when you come visit!
8/29 Let’s Go to a Japanese “Visual-kei” Concert!
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Thank you



(Photos by Kenji Higashi and Kazuhide Endo)

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