London Olympics’ medalists’ parade in Ginza, 500,000 spectators

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A huge parade event of  London Olympics medalists was hosted in Ginza, the busiest and most popular shopping toen in Japan by JOC on Aug.20th.


This event was held in order to celebrate the record- high number of the Japanese athletes’ medals at the London Olympics this year, which is 38 (Gold:7, Silver 14, Bronze:17). Totally 71 medalists of the games including all of the 7 Gold medalists joined the parade and   waved and smiled to the spectators and passers-by in convertible cars and buses.

Surprisingly, the total number of the spectators and passers-by is said to have added up to about 500,000.  Ginza, the biggest and fanciest shopping town in the country, had never been visited by such a high number of people before the event took place in history,which implies this parade itself also made the mark of “record-high” as the number of the medals.    All the people there were quite excited and whole of the area enjoyed the crazy

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