Tsukiji Market / Uogashi Yokocho-Vol. 2

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Isozushi serves traditional and orthodox ‘uogashi-style’ delicious Sushi



Basically, ‘uogashi-yokocho’ is provided for licensed fresh food dealers and chefs who visit the market for purchasing their food materials. Therefore every restaurants and shops have to serve really good qualified dishes and sell goods in reasonable prices. They have been often introduced on the mass media and getting popular even among citizens. However, their professional cooking ability and quality of goods are not declined but rather more heightened and deepened than before. It is quite good experience in eating their dishes and purchasing excellent goods in ‘uogashi-yokocho’.

Dignified sushi chefs stand behind the sushi bar that is always kept superior in cleanliness. You can enjoy eating orthodox ‘uogashi-style’ nigirizushi (握り寿司, “hand-formed sushi”) . Their popular menu is tuna and Indian tuna. A long experienced buyer from Fujinoya co. always tries to purchase most high quality tuna in season directly at the market. The management policy of the company is that trying to find high quality of fresh seafood directly at the market in reasonable prices and using it for their sushi on that day.  Especially they recommend Indian tuna which is better than ‘hon-maguro’ (本鮪), because it is more sticky and good taste. They usually purchase a whole body of Indian tuna which contains high quality parts, such as ‘ohtoro’(大とろpink fatty tuna) and ‘chutoro’ (中とろfatty tuna). “Some regular customers often visit my restaurant only for eating Indian tuna. We sometimes could not make a profit because for purchasing such a high quality seafood for our sushi. We really like to see that our customers enjoy eating sushi.” Chef Hosoya says.

Rice for ‘shari’ (rice flavored with vinegar) is famous brand of ‘koshi-hikari’ fromNiigata. Actually, most professional food dealers in the fish market seldom eat sushi, but some of them are really fond of ‘Isozushi’, because sushi chef tries providing very rare seasonal materials on their menu, such as ‘bafun-uni’ (Japanese green sea urchin), and ikra (salmon roe) form Hokkaido.

Average price of lunch is about 3,700 yen, and 5,800 yen for dinner.


Menu recommendations


‘Tokujo-nigiri’ (or hand-formed sushi special set)/ 3,670yen


  Pink fatty Indian tuna(天然インド鮪大トロ), Fatty tuna (鮪中トロ), Olive flounder (平目), Prawn (車海老), Sea urchin (ウニ), Salmon roe (いくら), Ark shell (赤貝), Horse mackerel (鯵), Herring roe (数の子), Conger eel (穴子), and Fatty tuna roll (トロ鉄火巻き or Raw Fatty Indian tuna slices and vinegared rice rolled in laver)

A bowl of Japanese style soup is served together.

A part of menu item will be changed depending on purchasing condition in season.



‘Service-nigiri’ (or hand-formed sushi reasonable set)/ 2,410yen

  Fatty Indian tuna (天然インド鮪中トロ), Red tuna (赤身), Amberjack(ヒラマサ), Sea urchin (ウニ), Salmon roe (いくら), Botan Shrimp(ボタン海老), Squid (イカ), Conger eel (穴子), and Roll sushi(巻物一本)

A bowl of Japanese style soup is served together.

A part of menu item will be changed depending on purchasing condition in season.


‘Jo-nigiri’ (上にぎり or hand-formed sushi the first grade set) /2,940yen

Fatty Indian tuna (天然インド鮪中トロ),  Grunt(イサキ), Sea urchin (ウニ), Salmon roe (いくら), Botan Shrimp(ボタン海老), Horse mackerel (鯵), Scallop (帆立貝), Conger eel (穴子), and Red tuna roll (鉄火巻き)

A bowl of Japanese style soup is served together.

A part of menu item will be changed depending on purchasing condition in season.

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Tsukiji-o-kiwameru published by Aspect co.








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