Tsukiji Market / Uogashi Yokocho-Vol. 3 Sushidai

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Chef does not mind devoting a lot of time and energy to cooking delicious sushi




Sushidai is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in the Tsukiji Market. There is always a long waiting line even before its opening of 5:00 in the morning. Chef Urushihara does not mind devoting a lot of time and effort to cooking sushi. Its popularity is based on his workmanship. Fresh seafood for their sushi is purchased in the market depending on which way of fishing method is used. Fish caught by single-hook fishing is less damaged and better than that by fixed net or gillnetting. For example, high quality mackerel from Matsuwa or Koshiba inTokyo bay caught by single-hook fishing is one of the best for their sushi. Usually, mackerel is pickled in vinegar, but the high quality mackerel is just lightly-pickled in salt at their kitchen. This cooking method make mackerel keep freshness and give its original taste without any fishy smell. Although, some people tend to refrain from sushi cooked with blue-backed fish, such as horse mackerel, spotted shad, and mackerel, most of these anti-blue-backed fish can finish all sushi at Sushidai.

Their special cooking method, such as ‘kobujime’ or preserved in wrapped sea tangle, sprinkling of salt, putting special soy sauce, is always given to best seasonal fresh seafood from each fishing port. Half cooked conger eel for their ‘nigiri’ is simmered again just before serving to the guest; therefore it tastes more soft and tender. Tamagoyaki (卵焼き)or a type of Japanese omelette cooked with cooking stock is also prepared just before serving at their kitchen.


Menu Recommendation


Chef’s recommendation of Assorted Sushi cooked with seasonal fish

3,900 Japanese yen



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