Anyone up for a shopping spree?

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Since its summer, I rocked my RAYBAN shades and went out for a ride!

1 hour of motorcycling and finally made it to my destination!
(It rained halfway and had to stopy by Mc Donald for a quick break 😛 )

Riding across Enoshima and heading towards the Enoshima shrine. Approximately 5 mins and there it is!!


The store is called ” Sen yen koubou, yume kuroudou”( A dream island where everything is 1000yen). Just how the name states it, everything here is only 1000yen!
Some of the products incudes such thing as accessories, wallets, clothes, clocks and even traditional Japanese dolls. They’re all 1000yen!!
I was extremely surprised when I stepped in to the store. “…What!? these are all 1000yen? Really? ”
Yes indeed, they are all 1000yen! and did I tell you that it’s all 1000yen? lol …yes I am being persistent lol

This is tourist area, so some of the signs were written in 4 different languages! Brilliant eh?
This will allow foreigners to shop smoothly, especially at the cashier if everything is 1000yen!

Anyone who is interested, please check it out!


by Keisuke Yano



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