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Daiwa-zushi is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in the Tsukiji Market





Although, ‘daiwa-zushi’ occupy twice larger space than other existing restaurants in ‘uogashi-yokocho’, there is always a long waiting line.

You will find a large number of foreign travelers among waiting guests because ‘daiwa-zushi’ has been often introduced in foreign guidebooks.

This sushi shop uses only the freshest of natural fish in every season but never farmed fish. Chef put great concerns on their seafood materials for sushi, as such from which fishing port, by what kind of fishing method, what part of fish, and how large they are.


Especially, their ‘toro’ or the fatty tuna is well known for its tender and taste something like melting away in a mouth. It is taken from ‘hara-kami’ or an upper part of abdomen just next to a collar of a fish.






Fish taken by shingle-hock fishing is better quality in freshness than other methods of fishing.

Daiwa-zushi purchases only ‘kuro-mutsu’ or a dark color Japanese bluefish by shingle-hock fishing from Choshi fishing port in Chiba, which is very rare fish even in the Tsukiji Market. They also purchase ‘hobo’ or spiny red gurnard caught by single-hock for their sushi.


The buyer of ‘daiwa-zush’ has an excellent eye for quality of seafood. At the same time, we can realize their true workmanship while eating good taste of ‘nigiri’ which is rather bigger than normal size.


They usually start cooking of special dipping sauce ‘nitsume’ for ‘anago’ or conger eel at 4:00 every morning. All cooks in the kitchen do not mind devoting a lot of time and effort to cooking.

Although, you must wait a quite long time, you may have a good quality of sushi.

“We never serve any dish which we discontented with.” It shows their workmanship as ‘a sushi restaurant in the market.’

‘We like to keep original quality and taste of fish so that we avoid putting any unnecessary cooking on fish.” Chef said.

For example, clam is only slightly boiled without being soaked in ‘nijiru’ or fish broth.


All best seasonal materials are clearly shown on the menu so you can choose your favorite ‘nigiri’ with reasonable price among them. If you do not familiar with seafood you may consult with a frank and kind attitude of staff without reserve.


‘Daiwa-zushi is the most popular sushi restaurant in the market, and more than 300 guests arrive to this small scale sushi restaurant every day. Although, there is always a long waiting line, they can serve rather smoothly because it has a twice larger space than other existing restaurants in the market.


Menu Recommendation

Chef’s recommendation of Assorted Sushi

3,500 Japanese yen


A large and thick-cut of ‘neta’ or seafood and other materials are put on a rather bigger ball of rice. ‘Nigiri-zushi’ 7 pieces, such as ‘Toro’ or fatty part of tuna 2, Sea bream 1, Squid 1, Prawn 1, Ark shell 1, and Omelet 1, and Roll sushi 1 with a bowl of miso-soup.

However, depending on purchasing condition from the market, items of seafood are changeable. Compare to usual ‘nigiri’ each piece is rather bigger in size, so it is good enough for your appetite.


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