Can lunch tell you about your personality??

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My lunch today was my typical left over, while Mana’s lunch was made by her brother with much love. Tomato sauce chicken pasta!

I actually wanted to take a picture of everyone’s lunch, but once lunch time begins, everyone leaves the classroom to go buy, or eat lunch.
The only ones left are the “home-made lunch” group. Yano, Shimojima, Mana and me.

Yano’s lunch is made buy his mom. Im sure it tastes good since he looks happy all the time when eating it.
I envy Mana’s lunch, since she always makes it from scratch and looks so delicious!
I’m always impressed by Shimojima since he makes his own lunch too.


Eri LOVES noodles. One time, I saw her eating a noodle salad and pasta at the same time lol. Made me realize how much she loves noodles!
Shiori always eats pasta salad. She usually buys one more item, but she is extremely slow at eating, she often runs out of time to eat during lunch. As a result, I always see her snack on it afterwards during class.
Momoko always drinks soy milk with some kind of nuts or vegetables. No wonder she’s so slim!

After looking at other people’s lunch, it made me realize their personality and lifestyle. Kinda interesting eh??


We only have limited time left to enjoy lunch at school. I’d love to cherish these moments!





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