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I am currently taking advantage of my one month holiday and am back in Vancouver! My home sweet home.
It’s a cliche, but you never appreciate what you had until you are apart from it.
Vancouver is not urbanized like Tokyo, but the quiet streets, and the laid back people are the best part of it.
But recently, Vancouver is taking some steps making the city urbanized. Many areas are under construction, expanding their business
and building many fashion boutiques.
Due to the rising population of Asians in Vancouver, there are more Japanese boutiques and stores.
Japanese and Japanese products are see as high quality and fashion forward, which is the reason why
a lot of people here likes it.
Example of a shop thats named after japan-related.
Here are some of the brands that will be opening in this mall. Im sure it’s not a flagship. Maybe a select-boutique??
I wonder how the prices are going to work :/
brands like JULIUS and comme des garcons are pricey to begin with in Japan already!
But as far as I know, comme des garcons are one of Asian’s favourite brands here.
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