Tokyo Station renovated and re-open

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Tokyo Station, located in Chiyoda-ward near the Imperial Palace and some of national governmental organizations offices, and one of  the symbols of Tokyo and Japan, re-opened  on this Oct,1st after a big renovating construction of a few years.


The original building of the station was built in 1914 and parts of it were destroyed in the air-raids in WW2. The damaged parts were left untouched for several decades but finally they were repaired completely and the building has restored its original style and structure for the first time in 67 years this time.

The central part of the building had lost its dome- shape roof in the raid until it regained the shape upon the completion of the reparation. And some North and South dome parts have remodelled to have their original beautiful design and decorations inside, which a lot of people visit and take photos of every day since the reopening.

The huge underground  malls and streets have been much more widened so that they can receive even more visitors with better conveniences.

The central part now has a new facilty of  “Travel Service Center” ( )  , a information center of travel related matters, tickets trades, luggage lockers, and so forth  being available in 4 languages of  Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. The walls are partially made of the originally- used very old bricks of the buildng.


Before the Grand Opening, there held a special eve festival of “Tokyo Station Vision”, a huge projection mapping show on Sep.22-23. The station building became a huge “screen”  on which artistic movies were played, most of which implied historical backgrounds of of the station.

In addition, the building includes a hotel named Tokyo Station Hotel in its central parts.  The hotel was also renovated radically and  royal suite room which cost more than 800,000 yen just for one night is fully booked for more than several months since the reopening. the minimum charge for a basic guest room is about 30,000. The hotel remodelled its basement floors and restaurants arcade as well.

These restaurants, hotel rooms, mall stores and shops are quite popular which receive a lot of  customers everyday these days.

The construction project  cost  50 billion yen in total and such a huge budget was covered  by  clever idea of  selling  the “air rights” of the JR East, the owner of the building and the land  to surrounding buildings an their owners. Those other owners were able to  construct much higher buildings than they had originally planned in return.  All those drastically remodelled facilities in the Tokyo Station “complex” are expected to work as a quite useful and effective institutions to collect a lot of visitors and tourists. Actually, since the grand opening, so many people keep visiting  the restored new heart  of  tourism and commerce in the very central area of Tokyo and Japan.

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