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Okame’s nigiri is popular among ladies for delicious taste and easiness to finish







‘Omakase-nigiri’ is cooked with the most delicious fresh seafood and additional 2 pieces of your choice are also served together

‘Sushi-dokoro Okame’ is located in the 6th building of ‘Uogashi-yokocho’ where number of other competitors also runs business.

Each piece of nigiri-zushi here is rather small in size. It is not only small size but also its slice of seafood is well balanced with ball of vinegared rice. Therefore, you can finish all pieces of nigiri-zushi in ‘omakase-nigiri’ consisted with large number of pieces.

Seating area is clean with homey atmosphere which attracts female visitors. If you like to enjoy fresh seafood at the market at your leisure, you’d better visit ‘Okame’.

Most female guests don’t know why, but they like Okame’s nigiri-zushi. You do not need any vast stock of knowledge or any good reason about their sushi. You will be able to know their delicious taste while enjoy eating, anyway.

Another recommendation is their ‘Kaisen-don’ which consists 10 or 13 kinds of fresh seafood put on the top of vinegared rice in a bowl.

Their ‘anago-don’ (simmered conger eel on the top of vinegared rice in a bowl) is also one of the best choices. ‘Anago-don’ is only 10 dishes served in a day. You really astonish its tenderness and softness of simmered conger eel.

They never try to cut corners in their cooking work, including side menus such as Japanese omelet, miso soup, and dry gourd.

Ingredients of their miso soup will be changed daily, and you can expect rare items in your bowl of soup, such as fish ball of tuna.


‘Okame’ is particular about ‘kohada’ or dotted gizzard shad. They concern on purchasing, climate, and freshness of fish and adjust quantity of salt after preparation. Cooked ‘kohada’ is really delicious, which has kept its original taste. Their conger eel is also recommendable which is simmered long hours in fish stock until cooked soft.

Shopkeeper & chef, Mr. Katsunori Sugita always cooks each piece of sushi with all his heart. “All our dishes are carefully cooked by my staff, and I am really supported by their experienced cooking skills.” The chef just modestly says.


The spot marked white noren curtain is ‘Okame’ restaurant, which is cool and refreshing in a dignified white in color. Interior of the restaurant is also chic with ‘Ichimatsu-moyo’ or a checkered pattern on the wall.


‘OKAME’ serves fatty tuna which is taken from southern blue fin tuna

The southern blue fin tuna is a large, streamlined, fast swimming fish with a long, slender caudal peduncle and relatively short dorsal pectoral and anal fins. The body is completely covered in small scales.

The southern blue fin tuna is found in open southern hemisphere waters of all the world’s oceans mainly between 30°S and 50°S, to nearly 60°S. Especially, southern blue fin tuna caught in Southern Indian Sea puts on rich fat and its thick taste is quite popular among tuna lovers. ‘Toro’ or fatty tune from southern blue fin tuna is characterized in beautiful red in gradation.

Southern blue fin tuna and Pacific blue fin tuna are now ranked as two of the most high-quality tunas. Difference against Pacific blue fin tuna, Southern blue fin tuna has rich fat which has thick, sticky, and sweet taste. Its fine red meat with sticky biting taste is especially good. It is rather thick taste and meat is stuffed tightly so that flavor and taste of tuna spread over your mouth at every biting.  




‘Shun-no-omakase nigiri’ 3,600 Japanese yen

(Chef’s recommendation nigiri-zushi cooked with fresh seasonal seafood)

If you like enjoy their fresh seafood cooked with nigiri-zushi, you’d better order ‘Shun-no-omakase-nigiri’.

Although, seafood materials cooked for sushi will be different in every season, chef’s recommendation consisted of 10 pieces of nigiri-zushi, such as pink tuna, prawn, sea urchin, seasonal white meat fish, and conger eel. And also you can choose additional 2 pieces among nigiri-zushi within the set.


‘Tokujo or extra fine Nigiri-zushi Set 3,000 Japanese yen

10 pieces of nigiri-zush cooked with seasonal fresh seafood and 1 roll-sushi, a bowl of ‘ara-jiru’ or miso soup cooked with the bony parts of a fish is also served together.


‘Chirashi-zushi’ 3,500 Japanese yen 

Slices of fresh wild fish in season, such as fatty tuna, yellowtail, bonito, squid, prawn, sea bream, sea urchin, salmon roe, are put on rice flavored with vinegar in a bowl.


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