No.1 song of the best 30 songs of JASRAC-“The One and Only Flower in the World”

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JASRAC (Japanese Society for Rights Authors,Composers and publishers ) announced the best selling 30 songs 1982-2011  on Nov.6th, in token of commemorating the 30th anniversary of  JASRAC Award.

The No.1 song is “The One and Only Flower of the World”(/世界に1つだけの花), made by  Noriyuki Makihara and  sung by SMAP.

The song has won some awards as well . And in its lyrics, it sings “You don’t have to become No.1, you are inherently  one and only..”, but the song is quite popular nationwide or even internationally, and actually has “become No.1” song.

Some of other 30 songs are Enka, some are Anime songs, such as “Evngelion” BGM, “Gundam BGM” and others.


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